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All books are printed on recycled paper and are limited edition, numbered and signed - no two books are the same. This ensures that every book is hand crafted, unique and cannot be forged and then traded, as has happened on occasion with our previous Urban Fox Press books.


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the Photographers; Visual Poems from the White Hour

by David Wise & Lamia Hossain

Isbn 978-1-905522-45-3

Guided by the teachings of Sappho and the limitations presented by the 35mm Artistamp, Box Brownie Pinhole and Analogue Nikkormat the Photographers David Wise and Lamia Hossain describe a 4 month, 11,000 mile journey from the shores of the Meditteranean to those of Lake Ontario, from the ancient Greek Agora to downtown Toronto and from the wide open Cumbrian landscapes of the great Romantic poets to intimate spaces shared with friends, family and lovers.


“Many talk about following their hearts, of being aware of the moment, perfect or otherwise, of pursuing beauty and seeking joy, of bursting through the many layers of time, place and rhetoric that serve to chain us. But the lives they lead sipping artisan Americanos tell a different story. We both have a fear of turning out like that. So we’d chosen to do, not just talk, we’d chosen to push ourselves further, to live the life we laid claim to, to put as much space between ourselves and the Café Flores as possible.” Lamia Hossain, Toronto, August 2013


The Special Edition of this book comes with an extra chapter.





Otherness; Forty Five Days on the Isle of Beauty

by David Wise

Isbn 978-1-905522-40-8


During the summer of 2012 David spent 6 weeks camping on Darnet Island in the Medway Estuary, and canoeing the inner and outer Estuary. He lived partly off the food he found there and recorded life with a variety of means including a pinhole camera made from driftwood. The book is illustrated with pinhole photographs and contains fold out, hand drawn maps of Darnet Island and the Medway Estuary that will be of use to canoeists, boaters and history buffs.





Deconstruct Until Complete

by David Wise

Isbn 978-1-905522-38-5


Pinhole Photographs and Solargraphs, 2005-2012. Featuring over 200 images portraying the UK, Europe, Malawi, India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Morocco, Thailand and Cambodia, and the sun's path over the English sky.


"The Energy that comes from reducing a scene or experience to its raw bones is captivating, and Dave Wise has it down to an art." Black & White Photography Magazine





A Velvet Silence - Pinhole Photos of Egypt and Israel

by David Wise

Isbn 1-905522-11-8


"One cannot fail to feel the passion of David's work, which manifests itself with every photographic plate. I found this book truly gives another dimension to those of us who love, and have journeyed into, Egypt, whether as Egyptologist, holidaymaker or armchair traveller." Ancient Egypt Magazine





Carnet de Stenope Vol IV; India - Mountain, Town & Desert

by David Wise

Isbn 978-1-905522-36-1


Recounting the author's 10 week journey with pinhole cameras and notebook from the hillstations of the snowy Himalaya to the desert towns of Rajasthan via Varanasi, Delhi, Agra and the 10th century temples of Khajarahu and Orchaa. Contains pinhole photographs, diary entries and colour digital montage.





Carnet de Stenope Volume III - Istanbul, Antalya & The Walk

by David Wise

Isbn 1-905522-34-7


Recounting a journey with pinhole and digital cameras to Istanbul and Antalya and by foot across Turkey, from Carsamba on the Black Sea to Adana on the Mediterranean Coast. Contains prose, concrete poetry, black and white pinhole photographs and colour digital montage.



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